Want an early start on the paperwork?

Short Bankruptcy Questionnaire  Start here.  I’ve worked hard to reduce my intake paperwork to only seven pages.

Debtor Education  Whether you are filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 you must complete a mandatory credit briefing conducted by a non-profit organization.  You can accomplish this either over the internet or with a telephone call.  This document lists six organizations approved in the Eastern District of Tennessee.  The cost is typically $24.00.

RequiredDocuments  This is a comprehensive list of documents that I may need if they apply to you.  Most people won’t need all of the documents on this list.  Typically, I need the last two years of tax returns (with W-2 if filing jointly), six months of paystubs for the six months prior to your month of filing (along with your most recent 60 days of paystubs when we file) and I would like the most recent bill or statement that you have received from any creditor.  With those documents, we are off to a good start.  I’ll tell you what else you may need as I prepare your petition and schedules.

Required Disclosures  These are three documents that I am required to provide to you.  The first is a Bankruptcy Information Sheet.  At the meeting of creditors, the Trustee may ask you whether you have read and understand this document.  The next document provides important information about bankruptcy and the final document advises you of your responsibilities under the Bankruptcy Code to provide accurate information.

Understanding Bankruptcy Rights  This document contains information about both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  I ask that my clients read each statement and initial in the spaces provided to signify understanding of the statement.  If you’re not sure of a statement, don’t initial next to that one and I will review the form with you and we will discuss the statement.